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What we do

We offer training, consulting and coaching in the field of Leadership, Teamwork. and Customer Orientation. Our specialty lies in helping teams and leaders develop successful strategies and behavior patterns in organisations.


We have been developing and producing training programs since 1987. We have delivered courses for over 15,000 participants in 26 European, Asian and African countries. In 1996 we founded our branch in Germany, Siebert & Tisch Consulting GmbH, located in Frankfurt. One of our core competencies lies in the ability to adapt American Programs to European Standards. Many of our contractors are American Training and Consulting Companies as they enter the EU and CEE Market.

Mission Statement

Siebert Consulting is founded on the belief that companies can and should be a place where

  • humanistic principles are the basis
  • people can develop skills and personality
  • people like to be because they can work in balance with other aspects of life

Personal and economic success is the basic preposition.